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Guitarist - bassist - song writer - lyricist - encyclopedia author -

music journalist - mastering engineer  and generally quite busy! 

What's going on?

On August 20 (Phil Lynott's birthday) we released the first Falling Hazard single (vinyl!) as a tribute to Phil. The songs: "Old Town" and "I Lie Not" (an original).

Right now I'm also working on the new tribute album to Welsh hard rockers Budgie, I'm working on the 4th Mountain of Power album, demoing and selecting what songs to cover this time, writing new songs for the second Merryweather Stark album, working on my book on the history of Swedish hard rock, doing gigs with Falling Hazard and preparing for the Overdrive 40 year anniversary 2020!

November 18, 2019

The tribute album to Budgie - Bandiolier Brigade - "Welcome To The Zoom Club (A Tribute To Budgie)" is mastered and ready! Release December 10 on Grooveyard! Cool guests such as former Budgies Tony Bourge and Steve Williams, plus Tony Spinner, Kyoji Yamamoto, Bill Steer, Ian Haugland, Peter Hermansson, Mikael Nord Andersson and more! Songs like Breadfan, Rockin' Man, Guts, Rollin Home Again etc.  

August 5, 2019

Today it's official - I've decided to leave Grand Design. It's been a great ride and I love the guys, but various things (musical differences, geographical reasons etc) has made me take this decision. 

Nov 27, 2018

Grand Design - Viva La Paradise - Special Mission (re-mixed, re-mastered + 4 bonus tracks) will be released Dec 7.

Overdrive - "Metal Attack" + Swords And Axes" re-issued on Hellion Records in Brazil.

Feb 23, 2018

The new Grand Design album is mixed and ready and will be released in April! The Merryweather Stark 2LP will be released next week!. The Overheat CD "Fight To The Finish" has now been released and the Overdrive "Reflexions" LP are set to be released in April 2018.

May 30, 2017

Martin J Anderson is mixing the Merryweather Stark album! Sounds great! Gigs coming up with Falling Hazard and Overdrive!

May 14, 2017

Finally the new website is up and running (but still under construction). More stuff will be added!!

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