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"Time Elevation (Re-Elevated)" (CD, 2016 private)

Ltd edition 500 copies. Re-issue of "Time Elevation" with bonus track.

(Also artwork, layout and logo)

"Thrill Of The Night" (CD, 2014 AOR Heaven)

"Thrill Of The Night" (CD, 2014 Rubicon Music-Japan) + 2 bonus.

(also booklet layout and logo)


"Idolizer" (CD

Janne never appeared on the album, although the track "Fallen Hero" was recorded for this album, but not released until as bonus track for "Time Elevation (Re-Elevated).

"Time Elevation" (CD, 2009 AOR Heaven)

"Time Elevation" (CD, 2009 Irond-Russia)

(guest, logo)



"Hear It Vol 75" (CD, 2014 Hear It)

"Melodic Rock Fest IV" (CD, 2014 MelodicRock Records)

"Rock For Japan" (CD, 2011 AOR Heaven)


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