Locomotive Breath-Discography


"Train Of New Events" (CD, 2003 Rivel Records)

"Change Of Track" (CD, 2005 Lion Music)

"Change Of Track" (CD, 2005 Irond - Russia)

"Heavy Machinery" (CD, 2002 Record Heaven) slipcase

"Heavy Machinery" (CD, 2002 Sweden Rock) + 1 bonus track, "Can't Fake It"

"Train Of Events" (CD, 1997 BlueStone)

"Train Of Events" (CD, 2003 Avex/Bareknuckle-Japan) + 1 bonus track: "Captured"


"Released By X-Mas" (CD, 1996 Sin City)

-Track: "Silent Night"

"Bareknuckle Compilation" (CD, 1997 Bareknucke-Japan)

"Hard Roxx Volume 1" (CD, 1997 Hard Roxx)

"Thousand Days Of Yesterdays - Tribute To Captain Beyond (2CD 1999 Record Heaven)

-Track: "Can't Feel Nothing" Pt 1 & 2

"Power From The North" (CD, 2000 Digital Dimension)

"Power From The North" (CD, 2000 Victor-Japan)

-Track" Scream Of Anger"

"The Spirit Of The Black Rose - Phil Lynott Tribute" (2CD, 2001 Record Heaven)

-Track: "Warrior"

"Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal" (CD, 2002 Premium)

-Track: "Sacred Alien" (demo)

"Raisin' Hell In Blekinge" (CD, 2003 NLP)

"The Sweet According To Sweden" (CD, 2004 Rivel Records)

-Track: "Into The Night"

"Sweden Rock Festival 2008" (CD, 2008 Sweden Rock)

-Track: "Fill Your Head With Rock"

"Embrace The Sun" (CD, 2011 Lion Music)

-Track: "Rise Up"

"Demo #1" (CDR, 1996 private)