"Final Curtain" (CD, 2015 MelodicRock Records)

"Final Curtain - Special Edition" (CD, 2015 MelodicRock Records) + 3 bonus tracks: "Greyhound Therapy", "Wake Up Dreaming" and "Trail Of Tears"

"Lost And Gone" (CD, 2009 Frontiers)

"Lost And Gone" (CD promo, 2009 Melodious Frontier-Jap)

"Lost And Gone" (CD, 2009 King Records-Japan) + bonus track "Wasted"


"Hear It" Volume 44" (CD, 2009 Hear It)

"Sweden Rock CD 2009" (CD, 2009 Sweden Rock)

"Feel The Heat #37" (CD 2009)

"Let The Hammer Fall Vol 78" (CD, 2009 Metal Hammer)