Legend Biography

LEGEND Revisited Biography

LEGEND was a classic 70s proggy metal band that released one album, "From The Fjords". A real collectors' item. Original member Ray Frigon set out to reform the band, but guitar player Kevin Nugent is sadly no longer with us. He set out to play in Europe and contacted Janne about handling the guitar. Unfortunately Janne was busy with Overdrive and Falling Hazard at the time and had to turn the offer down. Instead his friend Martin J Andersen (Blindstone, Walter Trout etc) came in on guitar. The gigs however never happened because of Covid. Ray had become a born again Christian and wanted to re-record some of the old material with new lyrics as LEGEND REVISITED, featuring Martin on guitar. The bass spot was free as original bass player Fred Melillo was not in the picture. Instead the spot was filled by Janne Stark. In 2023 they started recording the album that was entitled "From The Lord". No click tracks were used on the album and the recording process was quite unorthodox. Ray recorded the drums and vocals, sent them to Janne, who then recorded the bass and finally Martin added his guitars. It was quite the feat recording such a complicated album without using any click tracks. In June 2024 the album saw the light of day!